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 Inmates need a friend, they are just people like me and you but ones who have made an error in life and now want to change their path and find a better future for themselves. We have listed several people on the following pages that are looking to make new friends and meet people to learn and explore life through. We do ask you to remember that with all new friends it takes time to get to know each other and though we try to vouch for all those we post here there are times when we can not control the outcome of a friendship. Take all precautions when you bring a new person into your life, just as you would do in regards to friends you meet in real time as well. YOU MUST BE 18 to write to an inmate and by disobeying this rule you can also get the inmate in trouble as well. Many people choose to use a PO Box to write new friends and a return address is needed for all correspondence or else the prison will not allow the mail in. Please do not send in stamps, stationary, or homemade cards with glitter or glue as these are not allowed as well as magazines as they are only permitted from the companies. Once you get to know someone you can ask them the restrictions placed. Please take a moment to consider making a new friend who does just want to start fresh and can offer you a sincere friendship.

 Enter Here if you are over 18

NEW .. Email service offered for FIRST letters , all letters must have a SNAIL mail address as well as replies will be sent via snail mail, use this link as well if you are writing one of the fellows and would like to get a message sent quicker. All emails are sent the day of receipt ( excluding non mail days)  click here..  or email if you are using a web based email program with the name of the inmate in the subject line all emails will be forwarded but do not send attachments as they will not be opened or forwarded.




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