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 Fox is Convictcreation.

 A talented man who currently resides behind the razor wire but this is near the end of his bid and he will be coming home to further his art career.

 Fox is a quiet man who is talented and creative though he is not one to blow his own horn his talent speaks for itself. He has been drawing and creating since he was a young boy of 9 or 10 though once he saw David Mann’s artwork in Easy Rider magazine he was hooked on drawing bikes and babe’s.

 While inside he met a talented man who went by  Oil Can Boyd, who is doing a life sentence and he learnt many new tricks of the trade in regards to shading Tattoo’s and appreciation of Oil Can’s artwork and creativity. As time went by Fox’s skills increased as he learnt many new ways to express his own creativity.

 He was never truly encouraged into the art world as he was told “ you can’t pay the rent with a drawing” but his talent is seen many places, arms, legs, backs and also walls of restaurants and other establishments and homes of those who have purchased a FOX original.

 He is an ole scooter tramp and is very proud of his roots. His father was one before him and a Vietnam Vet as well which shows through Fox’s artwork with his often patriotic works mixed with his love of bikes and boobs….

 This is a talented man with a love of the simple life within him, he looks forward to his release as he and his lady love will spend their days in the country living and loving a scooter tramp life.

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