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NEW  Email service offered for first letters , all letters must have a SNAIL mail address as well as replies will be sent via snail mail, use this link as well if you are writing one of the fellows and would like to get a message sent quicker. All emails are sent the day of receipt ( excluding non mail days)  click here..  or email if you are using a web based email program with the name of the inmate in the subject line all emails will be forwarded but do not send attachments as they will not be opened or forwarded.


names in RED are those who have shown to be in need of a new friend and are highlighted to reflect that we do want to help them get new friends as they  have proven track records of respect for change . There is no costs involved to them and this does not reflect that the others are less deserving of a friend it is just out way of showing respect for their desire for change and inner growth.

These are men wanting pen pals and do not have contact with the artist on this site. If you want to contact the artist email and all emails will be forwarded to him. He is not looking for pen pals and only business related issues will be directed to the proper people to deal with them. if you wish to compliment the artist your compliments will be passed along but that is all.

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